Helping People Save Money AND Build a Better World


Save Local, CONTRIBUTE Global

We want to give the customer an opportunity to get significant savings on a local level, while supporting a global cause, "World Libraries To Go"


40,000 square feet

We also provide a wide-selection of cloths, closeout goods with books and DVDs.  We constantly restock to keep the excitement of the hunt alive plus allowing us a great verity to pack for, "World Libraries To Go".


Everyday Low Prices

Simple, everyday low prices so that everyone can afford high-quality products and have the lifestyle they want.  We use the proven Thrift Store model.



Who are our Customers?


The Thrifters

Whether, young, old, wealthy, or not, people love finding great deals and finding that perfect item.


The Global-Minded

People who care about what is happening in the world can contributing to a cause while shopping for everyday items.


The Resellers

A large percent of stock is purchased by small businesses that resell online or for export.


Business Goals

  1. Ship one container of books each quarter with the first ready by the 6th month.

  2. Open the first big-box store within 3 weeks of leasing our first space

  3. Expand to multiple locations, Our plan to operate 5 super stores year around.

  4. Open a store near Mexico (for re-sellers)

  5. Work with the best non-profits on the ground in country.

  6. Become independent and sustainable by the first year.


Experienced In Superstore Business

We are serious about building a large thrift superstore chain and we have the past expertise building our own superstore chains to know how to run this new venture.


Gary Jones-Locke

  • Founder of Solutions Now d/b/a "As Seen on TV" Mall stores (21 locations)

  • Setup and managed 14 Halloween Super Store with over 200 employees. 

  • Amazon used book business processing over 1 million books a month.


Andy Weiss

  • Founder of A&S Booksellers (Opened over 400 Locations)

  • Founder Rip Halloween Halloween Store Chain (61 locations)

  • Sold over 15 million books since 1995,  Purchased remainder books from major publishers


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Find out how we plan to build libraries in the poorest countries by sending a shipping container of books ready to go with the building included "World Libraries To Go"

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