Literacy is the Key to a Healthy Society

While the human race has made great strides in alleviating world hunger and poverty, our next challenge is to address the lack of literacy in the poorest countries. 

  • Literacy provides opportunities for people to escape poverty.

  • Literacy opens the door to greater innovation and technology.

  • A literate population is required for a functioning democracy.

  • A literate population helps decrease corruption and violence.

Literacy helped America develop into the nation it is today. We owe our gratitude to the founders who saw the value of free access to education and libraries. Until America was founded, all the worlds libraries were in private hands. Thomas Jefferson donated his personal library to Congress (now the Library of Congress) and Benjamin Franklin opened the first public library.

Now is our time to promote literacy and education by providing books to the world.

But how?  We know the majority of poor people in the world do not have access to the internet or computers if there is access.

Images is for demonstration of concept. Join us in making it a reality.

Images is for demonstration of concept. Join us in making it a reality.

Library in a Can (Ready to Go)


The solution is that simple  

"World Libraries" books in a one-way shipping container that converts into a library when it arrives to the village or refugee camp.


What will it take?


1. Self-Sustaining Business MODEL

Find out how we plan to fund this project with a profitable business that deals in donated books.

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There are many ways to support, from a book donation to being an investor. Everything starts when you...

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